Airbnb liquidates its business unit in Russia likely to avoid potential claims


Airbnb’s local Russian repesentative explains the Russian unit liquidation as simplification of the operating structure of the company. “Colleagues simplified operating structure and decided that operations are easier managered out of Berlin, Dublin and London offices. So there was no need to keep the Russian company”, — said Ms. Kukureko. However, she noted that the company will continue its business in Russia and has already attracted new professionals to work in the Russian market.

In turn, some sources in the Internet industry said that the company’s decision could also be affected by recent changes in Russian legislation. In particular, liquidation will help the company avoid disclosure of information to the Russian authorities on users who do not pay taxes on proceeds from renting out their housing.

According to register the Airbnb’ Russian subsidiary OOO “Airbnb Rusha” was liquidated at the end of March.

In November 2016 Spanish Government of Catalonia has fined Airbnb for €600 thousand. Airbnb was charged for illegally rented housing let for tourists in Barcelona. The Spanish authorities claimed that the service helped appartment owners rent their premises out without a license and paying taxes.

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