Owner of Russia’s largest express-delivery operator consolidates 100% of Russia’s largest online auto parts store “Exist.ru”


Head of “Zheldorekspeditsiya” Evgeniya Nazarova who bought 70% of the company “A+A Exist-info” controlling the Internet-auto parts store Exist.ru in early 2017 became its sole owner. She acquired the remaining 30% stake in “A+A Exist-info” from Valery Chikin, Yuri Bukovnikov and Yuri Polyakov. In the course of the transaction, which must be closed before the new year, the entire company was estimated at $42 million.

Evgeniya Nazarova became the owner of 100% of LLC “A+A Exist-info” on May 19 according to the State register while the aggregate 30% of LLC “A+A Exist-info” is pledged until December 31, 2017, “subject to fulfillment of all obligations.” The mortgagees specified are Valery Chikin, Yuri Вukovnikov and Yuri Polyakov who owned respectively 12%, 9% and 9% ” of A+A Exist-info”.

“Our partners have initially had the desire to cash out,”— commented on the deal Vladimir Nazarovthe husband of Evgeniya Nazarova. “30% of the company was purchased for $12.5 million. This means that we value the whole company is at more than $40 million”, he continued. According to Mr. Nazarov,  “the deal extended until the new year and we plan to make payments in accordance with the schedule,” he added.

“A+And Exist-info” owns the domain and trademark Exist.ru. It also owns the software package for online store, said earlier its co-founder Vladislav Domoratskiy.

In April, 2016 the company had seen the spark of shareholders’ conflict. Valery Chikin, Yuri Polyakov and Yuri Bukovnikov decided to exit the business by selling aggregate of 50% in “A+A Exist-info” belonged to them at that time for $25 million, as per a joint press release of minorities and their consultant A1 investment company (of  Alpha Group). Vladislav Domoratskiy was telling that the minority shareholders have estimated their share at $12.5 million, and the entire company at $25 million. According to Valery Chikin, Mr Domoratskiy was willing to pay for the 50% of “A+A Exist-info” only $10 million in installments. Minority shareholders with the help of A1 made Vladislav Domoratskiy the offer which he rejected, and in November he suddenly offered to buy his 50% for 640 mln RUB. This share was bought by the head of “Zheldorekspeditsiya” Evgeniya Nazarova at the beginning of 2017, furthermore increasing the stake up to 70% by the end of January. The consolidation of 100% in “A+A Exist-info” could require approximately $22.5 million, and Vladimir Nazarov agrees with this assessment, however it does not include the payment in favor of A1 for their service.

In early May Exist.ru announced stopping servicing customers in some outlets in connection with the severance of relations with “Exist-M” controlled by the structures of Vladislav Domoratskiy. As a result, according to a source familiar with a situation in Moscow and Moscow region there could be closed about fifty Exist.ru franchise offices. Company temporarily stopped accepting orders on the website. In mid-May Exist.ru announced that it will begin service Moscow and the Moscow region but some of the customers of the store have already managed to transfer their accounts to a competitor — Isnext.ru created by Mr. Domoratskiy.

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