FRII invests 50 million rubles in the Russian HR startup Stafory creator of AI “Robot Vera”

HR robot Vera
HR robot Vera

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (FRII) will invest 50 million rubles in the Russian startup Stafory, which has developed a service for automated selection of candidates for vacancies using an AI “Robot Vera”. Russian given name Vera aslo stands for word “faith”.

The transaction will be closed in the near future and as consequence the Fund will increase its stake in the company to 32%. In September 2016, the FRII has invested in Stafory 15 million. In February 2016 Stafory was selected by FRII accelerator and received 2.1 million rubles from the Fund in exchange for 7% in the project.

Currently the founder and CEO of the company Vladimir Sveshnikov owns 45,83% of OOO “Statory”, FRII owns 29.14 % stake in the startup, Alexey Kostarev owns 7.09 % in the company, While Alexander – 17,94 %. The stakes of the founders of the project are currently pledged to FRII.

The received means will be spent for improvement of the product and its promotion on the US market, which FRII is estimated to be at about $20 billion a year.

Stafory – startup in the field of HR. By April of this year, the staff of “Statory” has grown to 20 employees. In February, according to its own data, revenues amounted to 90 thousand rubles, and in May alreaady more than 1 million rubles. The main office is located in St. Petersburg. Stafory develops the eponymous service for recruitment with the help of recruiters freelancers, and is developing the voice of the robot-recruiter “Vera”. Previously, the Stafory team developed a platform that connects employers with the HR specialists. Automated recruitment service was established in January 2017.

“Robot Vera” is a  services for the selection of staff developed a 27-year-old businessman Vladimir Sveshnikov, the founder of “Statory”. His invention works on the basis of artificial intelligence. The developed algorithm searches vacancies on five sites (including HeadHunter and Superjob) then searches applicants’ resumes based on specified criteria, and then calling them, sending them job description and invites to video or face-to-face interview.

To close a single job vacancy recruiters can view up to 1 000 resumes, and call about 50 applicants a day. On average recruiters spend approximately 23 days to hire a single employee.

Thanks to the robot “Vera” recruiters have the opportunity to find candidates “hundreds of times faster than a human”, conducting more than 10 thousand calls at the same time. According to Vladimir Sveshnikov, the whole process of recruitment of the service is reduced to three hours.

Among its customers Stafory names “Pyaterochka” groceries of X5 Retail Group, largest Russian CE retailer “”, one of the largest Russian banks “Alfa-Bank”, SPSR, KDV, “Business lines” and other companies. On the Stafory marketplace registered more than 550 of private recruiters and over 200 recruitment agencies. In the United States there is already the first interested customerswith whom the company had run some tests.

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