Russian “Venture Accelerator” fund aims to increase the number of it startups in Russia at least 10 times by 2020

Venture Accelerator
Venture Accelerator

Aynur Abdulnasyrov founder of the service for foreign languages learning LinguaLeo and educational portal LeveL90 acquired 20% in “Venture Accelerator”.
Earlier private investor Alexander Rumyantsev and his partner Andrey Tambovtsev invested in the project in equal shares. The transaction amount was not disclosed. According to Mr. Rumyantsev, the entry of Abdulnasyrov into the project was carried out through increase of  capital in the company by 20%.

Russian “Venture Accelerator” was created as a social project by professional investors and businessmen with the assistance of the Foundation for Internet Development Initiatives (FRII). Start of trainings is scheduled for September 15th. The first city where the project will begin its activites will be Tyumen.

“Venture accelerator” works with young entrepreneurs and students who want to start their own IT business. Acceleration program involves the study of the fundamentals of technological entrepreneurship.

The course consists of online lectures and classes in person. The output of the accelerator will be tested product with proven demand. The most promising projects can apply for investments.

As noted in the accelerator, the project aims to increase the number of it startups in Russia at least 10 times by 2020. It will increase the efficiency of venture financing that will accelerate economic growth and raise the welfare level in the country.

Alexander Rumyantsev is an active private venture investor. His area of interest is technology startups. In the investor’s portfolio there are over 30 projects, including,,, and many others.

Aynur Abdulnasyrov — the founder of the service for English learning LinguaLeo and educational portal LeveL90. Born December 16, 1984 in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Today LinguaLeo, according to its own data, has 17 million users among the Russian-speaking population, and also among native speakers of Turkish language in Brazil.

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