“Dochki-synochki” may become the largest online seller of children’s goods in Russia after buying Esky.ru


Alexander Piskunov, founded online store Esky.ru in 2009. Information that the network of stores for children “Dochki-synochki” (eng. “Daughters-sons”) has bought Esky.ru was confirmed by one of the Esky.ru suppliers and people from the warehouse “Grünstadt” where Esky.ru rented space since 2013. Part of the Esky.ru team moved on to another children’s retailer – an online store of toys “Begemot”, as per s the Esky.ru supplier.

According to the Whoisservice , domain Esky.ru now belongs to “Eskay fulfillment”. The user agreement of the online store Esky.ru also provids the name of this legal entity. From July 5th  99.9% of the “Eskay fulfillment” registered in January, 2017, belongs to the operating company of “Dochki-synochki” (“Malysh” LLC), according to the register; the rest is owned by General Director of the “Eskay fulfillment” Alexander Zhukov.

Before the deal 99.9% of the “Eskay fulfillment” wsa owned by Cypriot Neralona Investments Limited through the “Eskay.ru” the General Director of the latter – Mr. Piskunov, according to the register. Three years ago, a South African media group Naspers, which owns 12.4% of the Mail.ru Group shares, purchased 30.7% of Neralona for $18.8 million; all Esky.ru according to Forbes, was valued at $61.5 million. Now according to the Cyprus registry Naspers structure own 39,7% of Neralona, the rest is between three companies from the British virgin Islands (the beneficiaries are not known). .

Negotiations between the “Dochki-synochki” and  Mr. Piskunov continued  from mid-2016. One of the sources said that Mr. Piskunov sold Esky.ru with not much profit, because at the time of the transfer of assets the company was unable to keep the performance at a certain level prescribed in the contract. Piskunov was forced to sell the project, adds another source.

Online store Esky.ru specializes on baby products but also offers products for animals and home. It is Russia’s third-largest online seller of children’s goods by the end of 2016, with a turnover of 1.82 billion rubles, according to Data Insight. Ahead of retailers is “Detskiy Mir” (3.1 billion rubles) and “Korablik” (2.7 billion rubles). Online sales network, “Dochki-synochki” last year’s revenue amounted to 1.8 billion rubles. Thus, in the course of this transaction, we may see the largest Internet-shop of children’s goods in Russia emerge.

A guideline for buying an online store in Russia is usually the etailer’s annual revenue, says CEO of “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov. However, the Esky.ru revenue in 2016 declined by nearly 15% to 1.6 billion roubles, the business showed six consecutive years of losses, but debt burden in connection with the shareholders ‘ support was close to zero, so the value of the deal could reach 850 million rubles, the expert assumes.

According to “SPARK-Interfax” net revenue of “Eskay.ru” in 2016 decreased by 14.8% to RUB 1.6 bn, net loss – by 42.3% to 95.5 million rubles. For “Dochki-synochki” deal with Esky.ru is buying customers and audience and partly the purchase of the team. Esky.ru – a noticeable player in the market of children’s goods with a large customer base, agrees the President of the Association of children’s goods industry Antonina Tsitsulina. The online shopping for children’s goods grows well in two types of cities: large ones and with a population of less than 50,000 people, where offline retail is not developed, says Tsitsulina.

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