X5 Group receives the right to buy minority stake in Megafarm

A5 drug store

Major food retailer X5 Retail Group will receive an option to purchase shares of the “Mega farm” company that owns the chain of pharmacies “Da zdorov” and “A-mega”.

75% of “Mega Pharma” is controled through a number of companies by Alexander Vinokurov the main shareholder of pharmdistributor “SIA international” and the President of A1 investment company of “Alfa-group” – the rest is also via “SIA international” but through “Megakontur,” according to the EGRUL register. It shows that 100% of “Mega farm” in the collateral until the full execution of obligations by “Megakontur” under the agreement with the “Calvin limited” on the granting of an option to conclude the pruchase contract of a stake in “Mega farm”. The agreement was concluded on 20 September 2016 as specified in the EGRUL register.

“Calvin limited” – the structure of X5 Groud the second largest food retailer in Russia by turnover (owns grocery chains “Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel”). Representatives of the “Mega farm” and X5 confirmed to have the option, without revealing its details.
In September 2016 the “Mega farm” signed a cooperation agreement with the X5. “Mega farm” is the priority supplier for more than 3300 pharmacies in the checkout areas of the stores of the three chains run by X5 until the end of 2020.

“Mega farm” was founded in may 2016; since then, according to its own data, the company opened 172 pharmacies. In 2017, the company plans to open another 670 pharmacies, of which 138 in Moscow and Moscow region, and 532 in other regions of Russia, accoriding to representatives of the company.

In 2011, X5 purchased 8.45% stake in A5 pharmacy chain at nominal price. The option then, as in the case of “Mega farm”, depended on several factors: the attractiveness of the pharmacy industry, expected return on capital compared to investment opportunities in core business etc. However, X5 did not become the only owner of the A5 Group’s retailer. In 2016 A5 announced a merger with a competitor – “Pharmacy chain 36,6” (“36,6”, A.v.e, “Gorzdrav”, etc.). In the end, the X5 had sold the minority stake it owned in A5.

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