Russian startup Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence received investment from global accelerator Startupbootcamp

Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence platform for collection of risk assessment and prospects for ICO-campaigns is among ten projects that the global accelerator Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam will provide investment and consulting support for.

Startup is estimated at 6 million euros, the total cost of the infrastructure and services that the team will receive in a few months, is € 500,000. Startupbootcamp share in the capital of the project will equal 8%. The screening was attended by more than 500 projects from 73 countries, Dolphin BI has become the only Russian project selected in Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity acceleration program.

The Startupbootcamp decision came during the Pre-ICO project. Because of that the company Pre-ICO was extended for another three weeks, until October 26. After this, the Dolphin BI team will move to Amsterdam where they will begin active work on the product and legal preparations for the ICO which now must be carried out in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands.

“Thanks to accelerator, we receive the investment, expertise and assistance in legal and marketing preparation to ICO. It opens new horizons for us – the opportunity to interact with the best consultants, designers, marketers and other professionals who are attracted to our project by accelerator, said Paul Kim, CEO and co-founder of Dolphin BI. – Our project opens brand new prospects for blockchain-investors, so we decided to extend pre-ICO and give the opportunity to anyone who wants to invest at an early stage.”

The acceleration program will last three months – from October 30 to February 8, 2018. According to the results of the projects will have to come up with finished products that are attractive for investors of any level – from private to global. Many participants of the accelerator find big investors before the end of the program is in the process of acceleration. 78% of graduates of the program become successful existing businesses.

“The idea of Dolphin BI – to offer a new level of analytics for the market, to attract independent experts, to build an objective rating of ICOs and become a bridge between blockchain-projects and major business angels for promising teams to find their way to investors. We are glad that now we walking this path ourselves,” said Dolphin BI co-founder Andrey Varnavskiy.

Startupbootcamp is one of the largest accelerators founded in 2010. Now the company has a programme for the development of startups in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, middle East and Africa. Selected startups receive investment, access to Startupbootcamp infrastructure, legal and marketing support, mentoring from leading experts and an opportunity to find investors with high probability. Startupbootcamp Amsterdam is the largest of the 20 development programs in different cities and countries.

Dolphin BI – the first crowdsourcing platform for the analysis of projects related to cryptocurrencies. The platform brings together investors, companies, and growing database of independent experts for an objective analysis and identification the strongest projects in need of funding. Community analysts and computer methods of analysis give the most reliable results in the evaluation of projects and the system for encouragement of the most active and accurate experts ensures constant growth of quality and speed of the platform.

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