“Volga Capital” acquires 80% of Novosibirsk precious metals refinery


Investment company PJSC “Volga Capital” acquired 80% of the Novosibirsk refinery plant (NAZ) from “Center property management”. The amount of the transaction amounted to 704 million rubles. Shares were purchased with a par value of RUB 1 thousand each in the amount of 135 706 shares. The transaction was executed on 11 July 2017. “The acquisition of more than 80% of shares of JSC “NAZ” for us is a reliable investment because the asset is the largest production in its sector of the economy. The company considers the investment as an additional source of income and the measure for diversification of investments. At the same time, the asset is in demand and has liquidity in the market”, – commented on the transaction, the General Director of the “Volga Capital” Stanislav Masagin.

The state-owned (100% stake) Novosibirsk refinery was sold for 880 mln in June 2017 and is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of precious metals. OOO “Center property management” became the winner of the State auction and belongs to AEON holding company of Roman Trotsenko. Later, AEON Corporation reported that the Corporation intends to create a mining holding. Investment in this project were to be about 2 billion rubles.

JSC “Novosibirsk refining factory” (NAZ) is one of the leading refining factories of Russia. Until 1991 the company was a monopolist in the sphere of national gold stockpiles (Gokhran) and reprocessed 60% of all mined gold. NAZ processes mineral and secondary raw materials containing precious metals, and produces refined gold, silver and other precious metals in ingots and granules, powder and other forms. The bullion of refined gold and silver on the London exchange of precious metals has a Good Delivery status. The company employs 212 people. The company’s revenue in 2016 amounted to 399,1 million rubles, net profit to 50.2 million rubles.

PJSC “VOLGA Capital” operating in the financial market, carrying out activities of algo traders and  liquidity operator, specializes on stock transactions and direct investment in their own projects. Founded in Russia in 2013, the company is focused on the Russian and international financial markets. The volume of transactions for the year 2016 was more than 1 trillion rubles. Revenue for the company – 435 billion rubles.

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