Keywords Studios bought Russian company Sperasoft for $27 million


Keywords Studios the international technical services provider to the global video gaming industry — has acquired game developer Sperasoft founded by Igor Efremov for over $27 million. Keywords Studios will pay $22 million of the total cash, and $1 million will be paid through the year. The remaining amount the company will pay with 260 thousand shares.

The acquisition is Sperasoft is in line with the strategy of Keywords Studios. The company actively buys gaming firms. Keywords Studios has acquired VMC testers for $66.4 million, Enzyme Testing Labs for $3.65 million and the British outsourcing company d3t for $3.9 million

Sperasoft will provide Keywords Studios their development centers and support in Russia and Poland. Founders of Sperasoft – Igor Efremov, Alexey Kudryashov, Marc Rizzo will remain working in the company.

According to EGRUL register, LLC “Sperasoft Studio” belonged in equal shares to Igor Efremov and Alexey Kudryashov.

Sperasoft company – the developer of computer video games is founded in 2004. Sperasoft took a part in the development of the series Mass Effect, Dragon Age, FIFA, and games like League of Legends, Star Wars: Battlefront and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

According to its own data, the company has about 400 employees. Headquartered in Santa Clara (USA, California), also there are offices in Austin (USA, Texas), and Vancouver (Canada). Development offices are located in Saint Petersburg, Volgograd and Krakow (Poland).

Keywords Studios is a group of companies consisting of 39 studios, which specializes on assisting in the development of third-party projects. Its portfolio includes such projects as For Honor, Uncharted 4, Bloodborn, Halo 5, Watch Dogs 2. The company’s head office is in Dublin (Ireland).

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