Power plants in Russia are acquired for cryptocurrencies mining

Russian ICO
Russian ICO

The new owners of OOO “Gubakhinskiy energy company” (GEK), which “T Plus” of Viktor Vekselberg sold at the end of December, can use the power to create the data center and mining of cryptocurrencies.

According to official data, the buyer of an asset from “T Plus” is Nadezhda Simonova, however, according to informed sources, the real purchaser is Alexey Kolesnik ( in late December became the head of OOO “GEK”). He is also the CEO and major owner (66%) of OOO “Pordiks-Perm” (fuel trade).

GEK consists of Kizelovskaya GRES (Perm region, 23.6 MW) and CHP Sarapul (Udmurtia, 10 MW). “T Plus” sold power plants separately: GRES power plant for 30 million rubles., and CHP with urban network for 129.3 mln RUB. The sale was caused by losses primarily of Kizelovskaya GRES, which supplies heat to the city of Gubakha.

Alexei Kolesnik has confirmed that company is considering the option of mining cryptocurrency, but rather at the base of CHP Sarapul, while the main project is the creation of a data center.

“There is an idea to develop a data center in the future: it’s not just mining. In addition, there is the Yarovaya law that suggest user information needs to be stored in Russia and the data center is a normal server room,” said Mr. Kolesnik.

“We also consider cryptocurrency, but until legislative framework is finalized – we do not plan,”— added Mr. Kolesnik.

Ministry of Finance is just beginning to develop a law on cryptocurrencies. At the same time from 1 September 2015, the servers that store personal data of Russian citizens, should be located exclusively within the country.

And from 1 July 2018 anti-terrorist “package of Yarovaya” will oblige Internet companies to store information about the facts of reception and transmission of data for at least one year, and for telecom operators three years.

The data processing centers (DPC) are the largest consumers of electricity, and its cost in the cost of data centers is 50% (which is higher than in the aluminium industry, for instance). In 2014 En+ of Oleg Deripaska announced large-scale plans to build data centers.

And more recently, even a major state business thinking about participation in mining (at least as a seller of electricity) on the background of sharp growth of cryptocurrencies .

Interest in the creation of mining centers were expressed by Chairman of the VEB Bank Sergey Gorkov and Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev who proposed to use the capacity of Russian Far East.


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