“S7 Space” completed purchase of floating spaceport “Sea Launch”

Sea Launch
Sea Launch

S7 group of companies completed the purchase of the property complex “Sea Launch” and became the rightful owner of the floating cosmodrome. This was announced by the CEO of the company S7 Space (subsidiary of S7 Group) Sergey Sopov.

The press service of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) “Energy” confirmed the completion of the transaction. Affiliated with Enegry group of companies Sea Launch was the previous owner of the cosmodrome.

The “Energy” states that in the ship registry a corresponding record of transfer of ownership was made. The buyer paid the seller in full.

The transaction amount was not disclosed, but sources estimated it at $100 million the majority owner of S7 Group, Vladislav Filev called the sum of $150 million at a press conference in Mexico on the purchase of Sea Launch.

“All the documents are drawn up, agreed and signed. Now the owner of the property complex and intellectual property of “Sea Launch” is S7 company”, – said Mr. Sopov.

Now at the disposal of the S7 is floating platform for launches of Zenit rockers, a command ship to control the entire complex and ground infrastructure in California.

“Energy”, in turn, will continue to participate in the Sea Launch project as a supplier of components and “will assist S7 Group in the operation and maintenance of the complex,” the report said.

“Now space is woven into all spheres of economy. It is communication, navigation, mapping. The entire modern economy of planet Earth is tied to space. These are huge markets, which will only grow in the future,” says the CEO of S7 Space. He called the purchase of the spaceport an “entrance ticket” for the S7 group to the space industry.

S7 Group announced the purchase of Sea Launch in September 2016 March 22, 2018, shareholders of RSC Energia supported the sale of the floating spaceport. Voted 148 098, or 82.1 percent of shareholders – voted against 30 456, or 16.9 percent.

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