“Melodiya Zdorovya” pharmacies acquire St. Petersburg chain “Gornye Vershiny”

Melodiya Zdorov'ya
Melodiya Zdorov'ya

“Melodiya Zdorovya” increased its presence in St. Petersburg by purchasing 13 pharmacies “Gornye Vershiny”, said CPO of  “Melodiya Zdorovya” pharmacies Konstantin Naumov. “This is a stable working chain which will continue to operate in the same format. We do not plan any rebranding or other changes,” he said. According to its own data, the number of pharmacies in St. Petersburg is about 50.

According to RNC Pharma, as of January 1, 2018, “Melodiya Zdorovya” occupies 1.2% of the region’s retail and commercial drug market with 57 pharmacies. This number included pharmacies “Gornye Vershiny” which previously worked under the franchise program with the”Melodiya Zdorovya”. The chain now takes 9th place in the St. Petersburg rating.

Other recent deals in in St. Petersburg pharmaceutical market: GC “Erkafarm” acquired “First aid”, “Raduga”and “Ladushka” from Rosta Group . The “36,6” chain of Arcadiy Sadovsky bought  “Farmakor” pharmacies network.

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