Huawei buys thechnology from a Russian company operating in the field of facial recognition


One of the world’s largest companies in the field of telecommunications, the Chinese Huawei bought patents of the Russian developer “VOCORD” operating in the field of facial recognition.

According to both sources, the purchase was carried out by Moscow based OOO “Igl Softlab”. According to register, its co-owners were the Russian “daughter” of Huawei “Tekhkompania Khuavei and Hong Kong “Huawei digital technologies Co., Ltd.» The first company’s authorized capital of “Eagle SoftLab” is 99.99999%, and the second company’s — 0.00001%. The corresponding changes were made to the register on may 17th.

“VOCORD” sold the rights to the patents and equipment. Majority of employees of the developer of video surveillance systems also went to “Igl Softlab “. Huawei estimated “VOCORD” on its own at $40-50 million.

The representative of Huawei, commenting on the situation, said that the Russian and Hong Kong “daughters” of the company became the owners of “Igl Softlab”. However, the details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Co-founder and technical Director of “VOCORD” Alexey Kadeishvili and one of the former minority shareholders of “Igl SoftLab” Oleg Genin (now, according to register he holds the position of Director of the company “SoftLab Vokord”) did not comment on the deal. Representatives of “Severgroup” of Alexey Mordashov (the company controls 17.67% the “S-group ventures”, a former shareholder of the “Igl SoftLab “) and “Leader-innovations” (another former shareholder of the company) declined to provide comments.

Now, according to register, “S-group ventures” and “Leader-innovations” along with Julia Kadeishvili and Vyacheslav Kuzmichev are the owners of “VOCORD SoftLab”. This company was registered in 2010. Its main activity is the development of computer software.

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