Gazprom acquires 51% of “Uralsky Zavod Spetsarmaturestroenie” (valve manufacturer)


JSC “Gazprom Stroytek Salavat” completed the purchase of 51% of the share capital of OOO “Uralsky ZavodSpetsarmaturestroenie” (UZSA) previously onwed by “United Metallurgical Company” (UMC). As per “SPARK” database – the record for ownership change is made on January 11th. 49% were controlled by “Trubodetal”. And now the split is – 51% “Gazprom Stroytek Salavat”, 42,04% “Trubodetal” and 6.96% UMC.

In late December Russian FAS announced that it extended the consideration of “Gazprom” petition for two months (until March 1st 2017) in connection with necessity of additional consideration, as well as information and documents necessary for taking decision on it.

Ural plant of special valves engineering (JSC “UZSA”) was founded by “United Metallurgical Company” within the long-term agreement with Gazprom on fulfilling the gas company’s the needs for ball valves (with diameters up to 1400 mm, designed for pressure up to 42 MPa).

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