Acquisition led to creation of the industry leader in the registry of securities owners

NRK & R.O.S.T.

The owners of the “Independent Registrar Company” (NRK) bought the Registrar company “R. O. S. T.”  from Millhouse of Roman Abramovich. The transaction amount was not disclosed, but investors expect to recoup costs in two to five years.

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, shares in the capital of “R. O. S. T.” will evenly be divided between Oleg Zhiznenko, Ivan Tyryshkin, Alexander Moskalenko and Oleg Savchenko.

The transaction amount was not disclosed, however, Tyryshkin explained to “Vedomosti” that the return on their investment is planned from two to five years time.

Purchase of “R. O. S. T.” by the owners of the NRK, not by the company itself, according to Mr. Tyryshkin will allow to complete the transaction in the shortest possible time, as it does not require the consent of the Central Bank. In the future, NRK and “R. O. S. T.” may be merged, but whether to carry out the merger or not, the owners of both companies will decide in 2017.

What brand in the event of a merger of the NRK and “R. O. S. T.” will be the flagship brand is not yet clear. According to Mr. Gizenko, NRK (formerly daughter company of the Australian “Computershare”) serviced more of “blue chip” companies, to where “R. O. S. T.” serviced more of state-owned companies. In total, the NRK and “R. O. S. T.” there will be servicing about 12 thousand clients, that is about 30% of the market of Registrar services with revenue more than 2 billion.

As a daughter company of “Computershare”, the current NRK attracted large companies, including companies with foreign participation, as it was not associated with any of the major Russian businessmen. “We want this to be true in the newly merged company,” — said Mr. Moskalenko, noting that most of the remaining 35 registrars affiliated with well-known businessmen (known to be shareholders of a lot of companies), and therefore the independent status of “R. O. S. T.” will allow the company to attract more customers.

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