Citadel Holding took more than half of Rusian SORM market

MFI Soft

Rambler News Service and two sources in the IT industry say that “Citadel” Holding owned by the founder of the eSports project Anton Cherepennikov took more than half of the Russian market of devices for systems of technical means ensuring investigative activities (SORM). In July 1998 the system was replaced by SORM‑2 to allow monitoring of the internet, in addition to telephone communications. Under SORM‑2, Russian Internet service providers (ISPs) must install a special device on their servers to allow the FSB to track all credit card transactions, e-mail messages and web use.

That system integrators “Forepost” and “Citadel” took controlling positions in the market according to Mr. Cherepennikov’s business partners and members of the IT market. According to the sourse , on February 15, the holding structure will include the Nizhniy Novgorod city based “MFI soft” company. “The transaction has already taken place. In February, the Citadel will receive 100 percent of the company and will become the largest player in the SORM market of 10 billion rubles,” — said the source.

Prior to the transaction in the “Citadel” consisted of two companies — “Foundation lab” and “Malvin systems”. Cherepennikov is also the co-owner of eSports Esforce holding where businessman Alisher Usmanov has invested $100 million in 2015.

Esforce Holding is one of the largest eSports organizations in the World and the leader of the Russian e-sports. ESforce owns more than 180 popular Internet resources with a total audience of 15 million subscribers and 40 million unique visitors per year, which provide coverage of 80 percent of the viewers of e-sports broadcasts in Russia and the CIS.

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