RB Partners has closed a deal to attract financing to the developer of unique industrial drones


In early February 2017 a second round of funding was closed for the Partners FPI project in the production of industrial drones FLYP. The funds raised will allow to begin small-scale production of drones and the implementation of commercial orders. The cost of a single FLYP (Flying Platform) will be $25 thousand and will help farmers save up to 75% on fields’ treatment, and transport companies to quickly deliver cargo in hard to reach areas of Siberia and the Far East. At the beginning of 2017 company “Evereste” (owner of the brand FLYP) has received additional orders for commercial drones.

Arseny Dabbah, partner of RB Partners that participated in the financing, commented on the deal: “FLYP is a great example of the World class project. We are pleased to be involved in the development of the company at this stage and are confident that the project will not remain without attention of the international corporate and financial venture capital funds. We will be happy to assist FPI Partners in the future with the search of strategic partners for other portfolio companies of the Fund”.

By 2018 explosive growth of long range and carrying capacity unmanned aerial vehicles is expected. According to experts, up to 80% is used in agriculture. For example, in Japan for the treatment of fields 3 thousand Rmax unmanned helicopters with a capacity of 28 kg are already used. “We see a huge potential for global production of industrial drones, and FLYP plans to compete for the market leadership with a volume of $2.5 billion,” — said Valery Krivenko, managing partner at FPI Partners.

FLYP story began in 2013 when a graduate of the faculty of information technologies of Moscow State University and Nizhny Novgorod faculty of management, NIU HSE Dmitry Arsentiev tried to put together an aerobic bycicle in his the garage. In 2015 he created comapny “Aviaresheniya” in partnership with the FPI Partners Fund raised €1.9 million investment to create an industrial drone, and in 2017 will begin to profit from his invention. In 2015 the Russian team FLYP has developed and successfully tested an unmanned flying machine with vertical takeoff and landing (drone) with a capacity of 180 kg and a range of up to 200 km. The priority markets for their use are agriculture, shipping and oil and gas sector. From August 2016 the company is already actively implementing pilot projects in agriculture in partnership with the company “August” and in logistics with Pony Express.

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