Rostelecom consolidated 100% of SafeData for 4.1 billion


Board of Directors of “Rostelecom” approved the purchase of 49.9% shares of SafeData group involved in the creation of data centers for over 2.25 billion rubles. Along with previously purchased 50.1% of the holding, the state operator shall bring its stake to 100%. Overall “Rostelecom” paid 4.1 billion rubles for SafeData.

The Board of Directors of Rostelecom approved the initial purchase of a controlling stake of the holding company in January 2015. The transaction took place in two stages: first “Rostelecom” bought 5.4% of Safedata for 104.2 m rubles, then made additional contribution of 1.73 billion rubles in the authorized capital brought its share to 50.1%. Representatives of “Rostelecom” explained the increase in the assessment of the company’s growth due its financial indicators. According to SPARK register, SafeData revenue in 2015 amounted to 847.67 million rubles, which is more than in 2014 (573.37 million rubles).

According to the register, second co-owner of SafeData is still “CHD invest” owned by the Cyprus “Brennen Investments” Ltd.

When “Rostelecom” was entering the capital of SafeData, the operator provided the option to repurchase shares of the remaining shareholders. The business of data centers now became one of the main business directions of “Rostelecom”. In 2015 annual report of “Rostelecom” the operator estimated the number of controlled server racks in 3900 pieces. In addition to SafeData (then about 1,400 racks) Rostelecom owns the operator of the data centers called MMTS-9, which by the end of 2015 controlled 1449 server racks.

“Rostelecom” together with SafeData intended to create a network of data storage centers (DSC) of national scale. It was planned that the project will include a geographically distributed network of data centers, communication channels, traffic exchange, content delivery system, as well as system protection from network attacks and traffic monitoring. In addition, “Rostelecom” is interested in assets of SafeData in segments such as traffic exchange and content delivery (CDN).

In its communication “Rostelecom” refers to an attractive deal: which will allow to gain full control over already growing business at a price that doesn’t take into account potential new projects, including the construction of a large data center. At the end of 2015 “Rostelecom” announced that it has agreed with “Rosenergoatom” on the construction of “Russia’s largest data center” for 4,000 server racks. It will be built near the Kalinin nuclear power plant, which will supply the center with electricity.

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