Finnish logistics company Itella (Posti Group) acquires russian “Maxipost”

Itella Posti

Courier service Maxipost changed hands. 100% of the shares of the company were bought from former owners by scandinavian Itella who already were one of the leading logistics providers in Russia (part of the international group Posti).

The acquisition is aimed to expansion of Itella in the market of Express delivery. “The Russian market is very promising for us. By acquiring Maxipost we are strengthening our position in the segment of delivery for online stores that fully complies with our strategy – says the President of Itella in Russia Nikolay Voinov. At Itella are sure that the Russian e-Commerce market will continue its growth, despite the current economic situation in the country.”

Change of ownership – a new phase in the life of Maxipost. The company plans to actively grow and expand its customer base also using existing customer portfolio of the new owner, as well as through further development of regional networks and opening of own branch offices in all the cities. The company intends to use the new resources to improve the quality of service for customers.

Maxipost’s Deputy General Director Alexey Prygin: “Key principle of the Maxipost is to maintain a high level of customer service, which translates into maximum flexibility and willingness to change in accordance with the requirements of the clients. This principle has remained unchanged since the founding of our company. We have always worked and will work to increase returns on each invested ruble by the client. We adhered to that goal for 15 years and together with Itella will do the same and continue”.

All current agreements for all contracts remain in force. Maxipost’s team continues to work in the company in full force. Natalia Kapacinskas has been appointed as General Director, Alexey Prygin – Deputy General Director.

The company was founded in 2000. Company’s clietns include such famous Russian and foreign brands as: ILE DE BEAUTE, Groupon, Decathlon, Atlas for Man, Mascotte, TV Sale, Red Cube, and many others.

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