Russian LLCs target company profile

General company information 
Sources  The register of financial statements Rosstat. Arbitration proceedings portal. Registries: mass General Directors; mass Founders; addresses of mass registration; individuals without regard to the place of registration; disqualified persons; EGRUL (Unified State Register of Legal Entities)
Name ООО «Company» (ООО stands for LLC)
Tax ID ИНН 7777777777 КПП 777777777 Reg# ОГРН 1111111111111
Date of entity creation 1 November 2011
Juridical address 119435, Moscow, 1 Red square, office 5
Actual address 123100, Moscow, 12 Presnenskaya Embankment, office 6
Founder Ivanov Vladimir Vladimirovich
General Director Popov Ivan Ivanovich
Cheif Accountant Petrova Natalia Borisovna
Authorized representative Deputy General Director Smirnov Stepan Kondratievich, power of attorney #1 from 01.01.2017
Contact information
Telephone Number Contact person
+7 (499) 101 0101, ext. 1111 Popov Ivan Ivanovich
+7 (499) 101 0101, ext. 1212 Ivanov Vladimir Vladimirovich
+7 (499) 101 0101, ext. 2323 Petrova Natalia Borisovna
+7 (499) 101 0101 Semenova Raisa Petrovna (secretary)
Business reputation
Partner comments Company Comment Date
ООО «Agency»

Tax ID ИНН 7777777771

Company pays on time, never had issues 15.07.2017
ООО «Supplier»

Tax ID ИНН 7777777772

Company pays late from time to time, no serious issues 13.07.2017
Additional due diligence
Documents submitted for liquidation, changes of address, officers and other modifications No
In process of bankruptcy No
Movable property as collateral No
Arrested accounts No
Tax Debt No
Published reports of the impending exclusion of the company from EGRUL No
Company submits tax reports Yes
General Director passport valid Yes
Passport of the founder is valid Yes
Found signs of uncertain information in EGRUL No
Juridical address of the company is used by 3 other companies
Monitoring results
Name Signs of phony company Business reputation Advice
ООО «Company»

Tax ID ИНН 7777777777

Not found No bankrupcy procedures;

Net profit 389 million. rub;

Gross sales 6 240 milliom. rub;

No mass directors;

No disqualified officers;

Law suites 5000 rub;

One registered trade mark, two licenses (expire 2025);

No changes in EGRUL record in 2 years.

Company in good standing, real officers, proftable, reputable trade mark. good responses, pays on time.