“Civil Сode of the Russian Federation (part one)” from 30.11.1994 N 51-FZ article 53 “Bodies of a legal entity”

1. Legal entity acquires civil rights and shall assume upon itself the civil duties through its bodies acting in accordance with the law, other legal acts and constituent document.
(as amended by Federal law from 29.06.2015 N 210-FZ)

The procedure of formation and competence of the legal bodies defined by the law and the constituent document.
Constitutive document may provide that authority to act on behalf of a legal entity granted to several persons acting together or independently from each other. Information about this be included in the unified state register of legal entities.
(clause 1 as amended by Federal law dated 05.05.2014 N 99-FZ)

2. As provided by this Code, the legal entity may acquire civil rights and assume civil duties through its participants.
(as amended by Federal law dated 05.05.2014 N 99-FZ)

3. Person who by virtue of the law, other legal act or constitutive documents of the legal entity authorized to act on its behalf must act in the interests of the represented legal entity reasonably and in good faith. The same duty applies to the members of the collegial bodies of the legal entity (or other Supervisory Board, management Board, etc.).
(clause 3 as amended by Federal law dated 05.05.2014 N 99-FZ)

4. The relationship between legal entity and persons forming part of its organs shall be governed by this Code and  laws on legal entities adopted in accordance with it.
(paragraph 4 was introduced by Federal law dated 05.05.2014 N 99-FZ)

Remark by translator: constituent document – predominantly meaning Charter of the organization.