About us

We are a Limited Liability Company organized under Russian laws and based in Moscow, Russia. Company’s partners include individual lawyers and consultants.

We are positioned to serve small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their business initiatives in Russia, as well as big corporations in thier Corporate Startup Scouting initiatives and venture funds/venture scouters.

The main advantage of working with us is that we offer affordable rates and deliver same results as those provided by big multinational law and consulting firms and larger Russian consulting firms.

Our company’s economic activity codes (ОКВЭД) include: 69.10 (Activities in the field of legal services), 70.2 (Advising on commercial activities and management), 71.20.8 (Certification of products, services and organizations), 70.21 (Activities in the field of public relations), 70.22 (Advising on commercial activities and management), 71.11 (Activities in the field of architecture), 73 (Activities in advertising and market research), 73.11 (The work of advertising agencies), 74.10 (Activity specialized in the field of design), 74.3 (Activities in translation and interpretation), 74.90.1 (The provision of intermediary services in the purchase and sale of small or medium-sized businesses, including professional practices).

Please note that as of July 11th 2016 new Russian Classification of Economic Activities apply (ОКВЭД-2). After the development of conversion keys between the ОКВЭД-2 OK 029-2014 (КДЕС Rev. 2) and ОКВЭД OK 029-2001 (КДЕС Rev. 1) Federal Tax Service of Russia plans to ensure the appropriate changes on types of economic activities in the EGRUL and EGRIP registers without the participation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. For the comapnies registered prior to July 11th 2016 it will be done automatically.

By working with us you will be indirectly helping Russian Orthodox Church overcoming issues with teenage crime, homelessness and churches’ restoration.